колдо бар алтындын баркы жок; or Familiarity breeds contempt

They say ignorance is bliss

so I hate this place more every day

Cause it’s started to ruin me

In the most beautiful way.

I joined PC for adventure

a bit of a genuine thrill

Searching for my genuine life

the one I was meant to fulfill.

I thought all I’d learn was a kernel

of well worn wisdom or two

but I got much more than I bargained

I received a hope lesson too.

There’s a girl-child named Hope at school

and she wants to go to the U.S.

Her English skills need work,

But I’m hopeful nonetheless.

Hope wants to go to that place

that place I was too blind to see

she wants to go to my homeland

the land of opportunity.

Cause Hope crumpled up a map

Of Kyrgyzstan; her life and her home.

Looked in my eye with a smile

and said, ‘It’s rocket fuel’ when it was shown.

She made my idle hands,

into fierce, cutting machines.

Now they’re forging a path through the jungle

to a place she has yet to see.

They’re cutting a path to my homeland

That place I used to disdain.

It’s so strange to see her grief,

such yearning can’t be feigned.

I can’t walk Hope’s path for her,

But I can clear it a bit

make it a measure easier

so not every obstacle is hit.

Twas no hindrance to carry my heart

even diving into this rough.

Getting myself out was fine

but bringing back Hope will be tough.

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