10 things 10 months in the Peace Corps taught me

Keeping up with Kyrgyz

1. You’re feelings are valid.
People have real struggles all over the world. But just because there are people in the world who are sadder than you, doesn’t mean you can’t be sad. It’s okay to be frustrated when your boss is unavailable, even if it happens all the time. It’s okay to be sad when you’re dog runs away, even if you knew it was going to happen. Just because there are people in the world who have harder struggles, doesn’t mean you’re struggles aren’t hard for YOU.

2. Care less about what other people think of you.
People are going to judge you no matter what you do. You can apologize, you can change. And sometimes, people will still continue to believe whatever they want to. So what. Develop a tough skin and shake it off. Learn how to give fewer sh*ts. Be true to yourself and love…

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On Writing

I just finished my journal. It took me a full year. It feels good knowing that I’ve filled it with an entire year’s worth of recollections. It feels good being able to heft it in my hands, flip through the pages and here them whisper to me. A part of me bemoans my pace: An... Continue Reading →


Apple pie a la mode. Autumn day apple cider tartness on your tongue brisk biting air with a hint of rot as the leaves pile up bright as anything ever was bright. Finishing a long assignment for a class you don’t particularly enjoy. Going to class completely unprepared, then waking up to waves of giddy... Continue Reading →

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