Momma always said there’s no wrong way to pluck a chicken, but then momma’d never met Maggie. Maggie’d go to milk the cow and get distracted a quarter-way through, three outta four udders bursting with milk and lowing in the field till dark. When she plucked a chicken there’d be more meat left on the... Continue Reading →

A Boy and A Girl

Here’s a story I know about a boy and a girl. I’m not sure what meaning can be ascribed to it, but some stories do you good just in the telling, and this’s one of ‘em. The boy was at the train station. He’d just seen his girl off on a train to somewhere else... Continue Reading →

First Day of School

The first day of school in Kyrgyzstan is pretty much like the first day of school anywhere else. Girls with bright white pom-poms in their hair and boys in metallic blue suits line up outside in a square. Then, just like everywhere else, a five year old child dances in a bright red costume in... Continue Reading →

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