English Clubs

My english clubs are going pretty well, especially when you account for the fact that I’ve never taught english before. What’s an english club? It’s when an inept American with no prior teaching knowledge, and a Kyrgyz English teacher with poor english skills, try to teach basic english vocabulary and grammar to 35 Kyrgyz children... Continue Reading →

Things I Miss & Don’t Miss About America

I Miss: -Clean tap water -Calvin and Hobbes comic books in the bathroom -An endless, easy to find supply of novels in english -My family -My friends -Whiskey -The freedom of a car -Good, fast, reliable internet -Being able to effectively communicate with anyone and everyone at anytime about anything at all -Laying in a... Continue Reading →


I was a silent spectator, but I also was the man; in dreams you can be many things. He was a man very unlike myself. He had a round face, open as a frying pan, curly brown hair, a middle aged paunch, and a gunshot wound in his left side. I was sitting on a... Continue Reading →

Piles of Sand

When does a pile of sand become a pile of sand? One grain isn’t a pile, but what about 100? 1000? 1,000,000? At what point are there enough grains to constitute a pile?Over here it’s the piling up of inconsequential’s that’ll get you. Each individual stress in and of itself can be dealt with, but... Continue Reading →

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