An Ode to Bañas

It really is the little things in life. After two weeks of not bathing I finally took a baña today...and it was glorious. Humans can get used to anything, we’re adaptable. It’s what made us so effective at taking over the world. Well, I got used to being dirty. And over the next two years... Continue Reading →

Freedom Is a Choice

I’m a sentimental guy at heart. Ceremony is important to me. It lends weight and reality to emotional truths. It’s the same reason people get married I imagine. Confirming their bond in front of their closest friends and family is important because it gives physical reality to their emotional one, perhaps even deepens and affirms their bond.That’s why,... Continue Reading →

Language Barrier

Today I met my counterpart. Her name is Elizat and she’s a 24 year old woman with three years of English teaching under her belt...but she barely speaks it.That’s where I come in. I’m in KG to help her improve her English, her teaching methodology, and classroom management. I’m in KG to help her improve... Continue Reading →

How Do You Say ‘Turtle’ in Kyrgyz?

Last Thursday we had our language tests. I won’t bore you by explaining how they’re graded. I’ll bore you by giving you a picture of a handout explaining how they’re graded:If you can't read the small print on that crappy picture, suffice it to say that there are four levels:novice, intermediate, advanced, and superior. Within... Continue Reading →

I Wanted to Compose You a Poem

I wanted to compose you a poemwondrous, eloquent, with witso you’d seek out my secrets,and at least admitI aroused your idle curiosity. I wanted to craft you a poemrazor edged metallic sharpso you’d nick your palm on itand my inquisitive eyescould see your ochre insides. I wanted to weld you a poemwith red copperfor you to wear... Continue Reading →

Little Victories; Or 1,000 Views

I’ve learned in life to take little victories wherever they lie, and yesterday I achieved a little victory. My blog has been viewed more than 1,000 times over the past two and a half monthsI know this isn’t earth-shattering news. I know there have been much greater victories in my past, and hopefully there will... Continue Reading →

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