Do you think puppets think this way, or am I out of line in assuming puppet thoughts and their connotations, cause I don’t want to offend any puppets by assuming I know what their, like, life situation is.

I bet puppets have a real love-hate relationship with their puppeteers. I mean, on the one hand their’s this giant towering idiot, probably with one of those creepy pointed goatees with wax in ‘em or maybe those big, blocky, black framed glasses that make their eyes look oversized and buggish, and that’s the guy that’s... Continue Reading →

To the Mountain

We meet at the crossroads to go to the mountains. I see them every day from my house, but today we are going to them.We’re a big group. Most of us have a backpack full of the items we just know we need for a seven hour hike: water, food, camera, sunscreen, those little chocolate... Continue Reading →

I’ve Decided I’m Coming Back

I've decided I'm coming back to you. I've decided I'm coming back to hamburgers and ketchup. I've decided I'm coming back to hot sauce. I'm coming back to dense forests and rolling foothills. To humidity. To supermarkets. To daily showers and the knowledge that I can drive as far and as long as I want... Continue Reading →

Oblast Overview

 There are seven oblasts (provinces) in Kyrgyzstan. The Peace Corps only sends volunteers to four because of the uprising that took place four years ago. They other three oblasts are deemed too dangerous.In two days I will have a site placement interview. There I will tell Peace Corps my placement preference for my permanent site... Continue Reading →

Home, Aппa, and Чэңыз

This is the first dinner.Rice, carrots, and chicken on a big platter. Cheese and sausage. India’s national dish, which I’ve forgotten the name of already, but it is sweet and grainy in the mouth, melting after a few seconds. Cucumber and tomato salad. Chai. Naan.And Appa and Chengiz.Appa (written Aппa; you’ll notice those are not... Continue Reading →

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